Eleven years ago, on December 13th, 2009, Ra offered his facebook friends a free event: Never Mind. In this 50-minute lecture, Ra explains why the mind can never be trusted to guide you to your purpose.

Now, as a way to mark the passing of 2020, we are making this audio lecture available again to our members at no charge, along with a video recording of his class and eBook transcript. We even found Ra’s original promo video:

Scroll down to enjoy the free material. Wishing you a joyous 2021 from all of us at Jovian!

“I will take you through the basic mechanics of the ‘Not-Self’ and how to free yourself from the distortion of mental decision making.”

Ra Uru Hu | Never Mind

Never Mind

The class can be watched, listened to, and read directly on this page. You can also download everything here.

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