Jovian is excited to collaborate with Peter Schoeber to bring you a quarterly transit forecast. Peter is a 3/5 emotional Generator who began exploring Human Design in 1992, has been a professional analyst and teacher since 1995, and offers IHDS education in German language. He has been working with transits for over 25 years and brings profound insight on the impact of planetary forces as they move through the Gates of the BodyGraph. Peter has been offering a quarterly transit forecast in German since 2013. Now, through Jovian, he is offering this forecast in English.


Why is it important to understand the transit field? As Peter explains, looking at the transit field is very supportive for your deconditioning process and for your learning. With other conditioning forces, such as the people in our lives, we can be aware and observe the conditioning; but the forces that are working through the transit field are invisible, and we cannot avoid their influence. How, then, are we to be aware of this inescapable conditioning force?

The information provided by the transit forecast helps us to be prepared for the influence they will exert. That makes a difference, as understanding the transit field makes it much easier to be aware. It can support you both in your day-to-day life and in understanding the last seven-year cycle until 2027, in which the old world is falling apart. Looking back will not help us understand how to move forward in the future; but we can observe the planetary forces at work, recognize their influence on our lives and the world, and be prepared. That’s why Peter notes, “It is my deepest conviction that the transit field is a valuable tool for your process and for your general survival and well-being.”

In Transit Forecast | Q1 2023, Peter provides us with a 3-month forecast covering the transits of slower moving planets in the 1st quarter of 2023 — January 1st through March 30th. He will explore transits from a both a collective and individual perspective, and has included a bonus 1-hour overview of the Rave New Year and Mundane New Year.

If you’d like a sample of Peter’s approach, make sure to watch this 17-minute introduction or read the eBook transcript:

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Through this offer, you will receive Peter’s 5 hour and 30 minute lecture in audio, video classroom, and eBook formats. You can purchase Transit Forecast | Q1 2023 for $37.

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Take advantage of this special offer to explore what Ra refers to as “one of the most important aspects of Human Design,” and discover how transit forecasting can support you in using the transits for insight and growth.

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“Transits are one of the most important aspects of Human Design. Particularly when you’re entering into Human Design, it’s very difficult in the beginning to find those around you that can really help you in your process. To really understand the nature of conditioning as something that is not theoretical, but something that you feel physically, is the value of the transit field. It was my first teacher in Human Design, in the sense that I was all alone with the knowledge and certainly did not know in the very beginning whether this was something that I could trust.”

Ra Uru Hu | A look at Transits

Topics & Highlights

Being Prepared for What is to Come

Using the transit forecast to recognize conditioning influences

Forecasting Change

Using transits to be aware of challenges and opportunities

Transit Rhythm

Understanding periods of change in your own life and the world

The Influence of the Planets

The role of the slower moving planets, and of Pluto as the ruler of the transit cycle

How to Navigate the Next Seven Years

What it means to become “surfers of destiny”

What's in a Transit Forecast?

Peter Schoeber’s quarterly transit forecast offers a 3-month look at the planetary forces at work and their influence on our lives and the world. This forecast is a valuable tool in becoming aware of the planetary impact and its conditioning influence. Here’s what you can expect from Peter’s quarter-by-quarter forecast:


The Influence of the Slower-Moving Planets

Explore the slower-moving planets: Pluto, the ruler of the cycle; the polarity of Neptune’s dissolving of the old, and Uranus’s bringing in of the new; Saturn’s influence of restraint, and the polarity of Jupiter’s expansive influence. Peter analyzes the movement of these planets and the programming of the lunar Nodes to provide insight and awareness of them as conditioning agents.


The Collective and Individual Perspective

Learn about the transits from a collective perspective as reflected in political, economical and societal developments, and also from an individual perspective — how the transits may affect us personally through our individual BodyGraph. This added perspective will allow you to anticipate challenges, recognize the potential of future transits, and develop a deeper understanding of these conditioning forces.


Special Days and Patterns

Additionally, this forecast looks at the dynamics of particular days when the planets are changing Gates and form definitions, and major changes are occurring quickly. It also focuses on how to factor in the anomaly of fast moving planets such as Mercury and Mars during retrograde periods, and the impact this has on certain Gates. Ultimately, Peter’s goal is to help us become “surfers of destiny” — riding the waves of transits, learning from them, and even learning to enjoy the ride.


In this excerpt, Peter explores the 2023 Rave New Year. For context, he references the Mundane New Year (BodyGraphs created for January 1 at 00:00:01 local time in different places around the world), which he explores in the previous 40 minutes of this part of his Q1 2023 Transit Forecast.


eBook soon to be released

The Rave New Year

So I will stay with that. And now we look on to the rave new year. Now, the rave new year is very different because it is not based on a time zone. The rave new year is astronomically defined, and in our language, it is the moment when the Sun enters Gate 41, 1st line, 1st color, 1st tone, and 1st base. So it’s like the first millisecond the Sun has entered Gate 41.

Now this given moment is the same for everybody. The position of a planet is not dependent on your position on the planet Earth. It is an objective. And therefore the bodygraph of the rave new year is the same for everybody, for all countries, for all people, and so on. In that sense, it shows the deeper program.

1/3 Profile, Cross of the Unexpected

And that also means we always have in the rave new year the profile 1/3, and what is called the cross of the unexpected. The 41 is the gate of evolution. It belongs to the sensing circuit, this only circuit that is purely and exclusively human. So it makes sense, literally here we can say it makes sense.

So therefore the rave new year shows the objective program of human evolution independently from the question if human consciousness is able to grasp that. So in that sense it has, even if you look at the conscious side of that, it has this taste of an underlying, more objective quality, but it does not tell us how much the collective or a specific individual will be or can be aware of that. So that was what we had.

Now this is the bodygraph of the rave new year. Just going back for one moment, just look at the picture, not the details, look at the picture. So obviously, it's very different. It's not always like that. Sometimes the mundane new year bodygraph and rave new year bodygraph have a lot of similarities. And of course there are gates repeating, Pluto in 60, for example, Neptune in the 36, and Uranus in the 2.

Channel 61/24

But looking at the bodygraph, looking at the definitions, we see a pretty different picture. The only consistency, as you can see, is the 61/24. So although the program says we have the necessity of differentiation, mental differentiation. The humans, they are now under the pressure to find some new answers, which normally is a clear indication that the old ones didn't work.

Now I would say very similar to the covid years when we had the one answer that didn't work. So now we also had the one answer that didn't work, the sanctions and the sanctions and the sanctions, and the aids, and the fines, da, da, da, da. So always the same question, always the same answer, nothing is changing. So at some point it creates an additional pressure. Again, that doesn't mean that there will be really new answers, but the pressure will be there.

Channel 19/49

Apart from that, you can see that is very emotional. And the topics of these emotional fields are very interesting. You'll see part of them appearing already in the 1st quarter. So we have the 19/49. This is our channel of the synthesis. It is a mystical channel. It is principally the ability to feel who needs what in the tribe. But if it is translated from a personal to a collective level, to a programmatic level, let's say, then of course it has a lot to do with simple but very important questions. Who is getting what and who is giving what? So what is distributed and who is going to pay for that? Now this is a big topic that we also could see in 2022. I mean, this is an ongoing discussion.

The Moon in that case is in the 19. So what do we have? The topic is we have the pressure of needs. People have the pressure of needs. There are already, in very developed countries like the UK where there are millions of people that cannot afford to have their daily meal anymore. I mean, we are talking about real pressure now. We’re not talking about the need to have the latest iPhone. We are talking about real pressure, and this real pressure demands some balance. It is pressurizing for some balance.

I do not want to sound like a good old Marxist, but there are people that have, I don't know, 150 billion or 180 billion, and millions and millions and millions of people cannot afford to have one meal a day. Is this still balanced? Can this still maintain a glue in the tribe? Of course not.

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Transit Forecast | Q1 2023

5 hour and 30 minute lecture in audio, video classroom, and eBook formats

Peter Schoeber’s Quarterly Transit Forecast offers a 3-month look at the planetary forces at work, their conditioning influence, and how to be prepared for their impact on our lives and the world. This edition includes an overview of the Rave New Year and Mundane New Year.


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