Jovian is excited to collaborate with Peter Schoeber to bring you a quarterly transit forecast. Peter is a 3/5 emotional Generator who began exploring Human Design in 1992, has been a professional analyst and teacher since 1995, and offers IHDS education in German language. He has been working with transits for over 25 years and brings profound insight on the impact of planetary forces as they move through the Gates of the BodyGraph. Peter has been offering a quarterly transit forecast in German since 2013. Now, through Jovian, he is offering this forecast in English.


Why is it important to understand the transit field? As Peter explains, looking at the transit field is very supportive for your deconditioning process and for your learning. With other conditioning forces, such as the people in our lives, we can be aware and observe the conditioning; but the forces that are working through the transit field are invisible, and we cannot avoid their influence. How, then, are we to be aware of this inescapable conditioning force?

The information provided by the transit forecast helps us to be prepared for the influence they will exert. That makes a difference, as understanding the transit field makes it much easier to be aware. It can support you both in your day-to-day life and in understanding the last seven-year cycle until 2027, in which the old world is falling apart. Looking back will not help us understand how to move forward in the future; but we can observe the planetary forces at work, recognize their influence on our lives and the world, and be prepared. That’s why Peter notes, “It is my deepest conviction that the transit field is a valuable tool for your process and for your general survival and well-being.”

In the Transit Forecast for Q2 2023, Peter offers a comprehensive 3-month outlook on the movements of slower moving planets between April 1st and June 30th. The forecast encompasses both collective and individual perspectives, providing valuable insights into how these transits may impact various aspects of our lives. Additionally, Peter examines the movements of faster-moving planets and definition days, which are key periods when transits define Channels, offering a more nuanced and holistic understanding of planetary influences during this time period.

If you’d like a sample of Peter’s approach, make sure to watch this introduction or read the eBook transcript:

eBook Sample

Through this offer, you will receive Peter’s 4 hour lecture in audio, video classroom, and ebook formats. You can purchase Transit Forecast | Q2 2023 for $37.

You also have the opportunity to purchase the Transit Forecasts yearly package for $127. This offer includes Transit Forecast | Q2 2023 and each of the upcoming three quarters, from Q3, 2023 through Q1, 2024—which will include an overview of the Rave New Year and Mundane New Year. Future forecasts will automatically be added to your Jovian library as they become available.

Explore what Ra refers to as “one of the most important aspects of Human Design,” and discover how transit forecasting can support you in using the transits for insight and growth.

Purchase Q2 2023 Forecast for $37

“Transits are one of the most important aspects of Human Design. Particularly when you’re entering into Human Design, it’s very difficult in the beginning to find those around you that can really help you in your process. To really understand the nature of conditioning as something that is not theoretical, but something that you feel physically, is the value of the transit field. It was my first teacher in Human Design, in the sense that I was all alone with the knowledge and certainly did not know in the very beginning whether this was something that I could trust.”

Ra Uru Hu | A look at Transits

Topics & Highlights

Being Prepared for What is to Come

Using the transit forecast to recognize conditioning influences

Forecasting Change

Using transits to be aware of challenges and opportunities

Transit Rhythm

Understanding periods of change in your own life and the world

The Influence of the Planets

The role of the slower moving planets, and of Pluto as the ruler of the transit cycle

How to Navigate the Next Seven Years

What it means to become “surfers of destiny”

What's in a Transit Forecast?

Peter Schoeber’s quarterly transit forecast offers a 3-month look at the planetary forces at work and their influence on our lives and the world. This forecast is a valuable tool in becoming aware of the planetary impact and its conditioning influence. Here’s what you can expect from Peter’s quarter-by-quarter forecast:


The Influence of the Slower-Moving Planets

Explore the slower-moving planets: Pluto, the ruler of the cycle; the polarity of Neptune’s dissolving of the old, and Uranus’s bringing in of the new; Saturn’s influence of restraint, and the polarity of Jupiter’s expansive influence. Peter analyzes the movement of these planets and the programming of the lunar Nodes to provide insight and awareness of them as conditioning agents.


The Collective and Individual Perspective

Learn about the transits from a collective perspective as reflected in political, economical and societal developments, and also from an individual perspective — how the transits may affect us personally through our individual BodyGraph. This added perspective will allow you to anticipate challenges, recognize the potential of future transits, and develop a deeper understanding of these conditioning forces.


Special Days and Patterns

Additionally, this forecast looks at the dynamics of particular days when the planets are changing Gates and form definitions, and major changes are occurring quickly. It also focuses on how to factor in the anomaly of fast moving planets such as Mercury and Mars during retrograde periods, and the impact this has on certain Gates. Ultimately, Peter’s goal is to help us become “surfers of destiny” — riding the waves of transits, learning from them, and even learning to enjoy the ride.


How Pluto's Transit is Impacting Business, the Economy, Politics, and Military Affairs

As Pluto continues its transit of Gate 60, Limitation - The Gate of Acceptance, last quarter presented us with new challenges that humanity faces collectively, and the development of existing limitations in areas such as business, the economy, politics, and military affairs. From the state of the financial system to the effects of artificial intelligence, Peter Schoeber, our trusted transit expert, offers his insights on these pressing issues in his latest quarterly transit forecast. Through his expert analysis, Peter sheds light on the potential implications of these challenges and how they may shape our individual and collective experiences moving forward.


Pluto: The Ruler

"There is no defense against Pluto. It is the ruler. As it is gate 60, which is a gate in the knowing circuit, it is working in pulses, and it is limitation. And as we are looking at the collective perspective, the limitation in most cases is a material limitation."

The End of Growth

"I told you already a long time ago that Pluto in 60 means the party is over, and the first step in that, we are far from the end, but the first step in that is the end of growth. It is like you have reached the border and there is no way to pass the border. And the other thing of course is you are very well aware of, I'm sure, that we have a financial crisis, actually a crisis in the financial system that is not let's say seen on the surface in its total extent yet. But there is something building up. And what we have seen during the last quarter are some things breaking down, others saved in very questionable ways, questionable in the sense of stabilizing the system. It's not stabilizing the system; it's only postponing its influence on the near future. But it's not solved, and it will not be solved."

Limitations on the Material Plane

"Russia is running out of ammunition; the West is running out of ammunition. And even the US has to slowly but truly consider slowing down because they do not have enough for themselves anymore. So it's also a kind of limitation. We can say maybe a good one—if they have less ammunition they will shoot less. But it is just another expression of that, the limitation on the material plane. And this still has not fully reached the level of collective consciousness. I still see in my very diversified news feed this hope, this crazy hope that yeah, okay one or two more difficult years, but then let's close our eyes and go through, it'll become better. Sorry, it'll not become better; it just has begun."

The Rise of Artificial Intelligence

"And then, of course, we have other things coming. There are other things on the horizon. Hello, hello. They are pointing to limitations. Now, there's a lot of talk about artificial intelligence, isn't there? Well, it is a hype, and a hype is always a little bit exaggerated. But there is no question that this is a kind of new technology that has reached a new level and there will be an impact on, not so much the market, but on many professions."

"So you could say on the one hand that this is expansion, because a new technology is expanding. But even that on the other hand creates a limitation for a lot of people, and that also has an impact on society. If half of the lawyers lose their job, actually they will have no income or at least a much, much more moderate one, therefore they'll not be able to spend as much as before. That will affect other businesses, the next supermarket, the next car dealer, the next whomever. So you see limitation, limitation. Even where it looks like progress, it is creating a limitation in the end. And this is really something not only to understand but to keep in mind for every other aspect of the transit field we are looking at."

Excerpts from the Collective Perspective of Peter Schoeber’s Transit Forecast for Q2 2023

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Insights into the Personal Impact of Saturn and Jupiter's Transits this Quarter

As we move through this quarter, from April 1 through June 30, Peter Schoeber guides us to gain a deeper understanding of how slower-moving planets will be impacting us on a personal level, depending on our individual BodyGraph. During this quarter Saturn will transit through 2 Gates, while Jupiter’s faster pace carries it through 5 Gates. In the following excerpts, Peter looks at two of the transits of these planets and their potential impact. If you have a harmonic Gate—the Gate at the other end of the channel—these excerpts may be particularly insightful. With Peter's expert analysis, we can gain a more nuanced and comprehensive understanding of how these transits may shape our personal experiences this quarter.


Saturn in Gate 37

“Saturn in the 37. If you have the 40, oh that is interesting! If you have the 40 you, let's say by default, say ‘no’. It’s the gate of saying no, the gate of aloneness. And actually, the 40 says no to the belonging, to the family, to the tribe, to the bonding, because—as an Ego gate—it doesn't want to work more than necessary. On the other hand, of course, as all gates, it is kind of waiting for the other side in order to be completed. If now the Saturn in 37 is coming, first of all, it creates for you the channel of the family, the channel of the long-term bonding, the belonging, and the fair deal. As it is Saturn, it will start very likely with the recognition that you have a limitation in that field, that you have no true bondings, that you do not really have good or fair deals.

So very often what turns up in the first moment is not so much the topic itself, but the missing quality that comes with that. Out of that, the awareness is pointed to the topic. And this can lead, depending also a little bit on the length of the transit, it can lead in that case we could say to becoming more able to bond. And as it is Saturn, if you would start a relationship, for example, during the transit in a correct way, obviously, then there is a fair chance that it would have a long duration. Saturn is the lord of time, it brings things that have their endurance, let's say.”


Jupiter in Gate 42

“If you then move on, very soon on April 4, to the 42, if you have the 53, oh that is a good transit for you. With a 53, you very likely have started a lot of things without ever finishing them. So there are a lot of unfinished cycles and processes in your life, and they are consuming a lot of your resources, whatever… your emotional resource, material resource, time, even just awareness, attention. Each process that is not finished consumes some kind of energy. And if that is, let's say, a deep pattern in your life, it creates a huge loss of energy in an ongoing way. So it's really weakening. Now, with the 42, we have technically the energy to finish a process, and we have the energy format of the cycle. So something is really moving now. It is just the pure energetic format of the cycle. Something has to move on, the wheel needs to turn and it will turn.

The finishing still may not be easy, but much more easy than normal. And as a channel, a full channel is to a certain degree not something you can avoid or stop, so the chance is very big that at least some things will be closed. But minimum, minimum that it will become clear for you that there is the necessity to bring some things to an end. And then of course you also will have the reward that you get some of your resources back, you have more capacity for the future.”

Excerpts from the Personal Perspective of Peter Schoeber’s Transit Forecast for Q2 2023


Transit Forecast | Q2 2023

4 hour lecture in audio, video classroom, and ebook formats

Peter Schoeber’s Quarterly Transit Forecast offers a 3-month look at the planetary forces at work—between April 1 and June 30—their conditioning influence, and how to be prepared for their impact on our lives and the world.


Transit Forecast Yearly Package

Includes Transit Forecast | Q2 2023
+ the upcoming 3 forecasts

This comprehensive package includes four quarterly transit forecasts, providing a full year of insights from April 1, 2023, to March 30, 2024. Each forecast covers the transits for one quarter, including the just-released Transit Forecast | Q2 2023, as well as Q3 2023 and Q1 2024. Additionally, the Q1 2024 forecast will include an analysis of the Rave New Year and Mundane New Year. As new forecasts become available, they will be automatically added to your account, providing ongoing and up-to-date guidance.


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